Entrepreneur / Speaker / Mentor

Published author and motivational speaker, Rachael Melot motivates and guides organizations on the emerging remote employee workforce, successful people’s well-being, and workplaces that encourage and support culture and diversity.

Rachael’s experience owning construction companies, retail businesses, incubator programs, consulting companies, and work as an NCAA women’s basketball referee, will provide stories, examples, and humor for any audience. In one of her nine lives, she worked as a remote employee in the high tech, fast-moving world of New York City digital media and advertising while living in Oklahoma.

Representing the female entrepreneur, she served as one of 12 women selected by the Bush Institute’s Women’s Initiative Fellowship program in 2014-15, to mentor professional women from Tunisia for one year and has continued to lead within the program.

Holding a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership, Rachael speaks with leaders about well-being, workplace culture, and the hiring and management of remote employees for everyone’s success.

Rachael is the author of the website  www.SuccessWithoutApology.com, which expands on content from her book, The Ten Commandments of #SuccessWithoutApology. Speaking nation-wide, Rachael can be booked for your next retreat, keynote, or training. Learn more about Rachael Melot and her speaking schedule here.