Raised as the daughter of two hard working self-employed parents, I was shown that life was an art, not a science and I could create a life I loved if I worked hard and protected the integrity of my name.
My approach to consulting women and businesses is to help leaders couple their hard work with the research suggesting the greatest indicator of a woman’s success is her network.  When you find hard working women who figure out how to utilize their network – success is inevitable.
My full throttle approach to life is fueled by the fact that I learned to not apologize for finding my personal version of success.  My success does not mirror my Mother’s, my Father’s or any of my siblings.  I am stretched and strengthened by the diversity of relationships and experiences life has afforded me. 
I have made dear friends while visiting almost all 50 states and six of the world’s continents turning moments into memories. I climbed the ranks to be a digital media executive in New York City for nearly seven years and while at the height of that career, ventured out and bought my first retail business, failed at a construction business, and was chosen to serve as one of twelve mentors for the George W. Bush Institute’s Women’s Initiative Fellowship.  Hard work and relationships drove my ship through the storms.
Now as a speaker, podcaster and author of The Ten Commandments of #SuccessWithoutApology, I use my experiences and relationships to embrace rapid change and guide others to excel when stakes are the highest.  My approach to mentorship and success is intentionally different, relationship-driven and hopefully a tribute to my two great parents who told me I could do anything I set my mind to, and I never needed to apologize for chasing my dreams.