Ep 19: Natalie Gonnella-Platts, Deputy Director of the Women’s Initiative at the George W. Bush Institute, Talks About the Power of Women and Her Own Mother’s Influence on Her Success.

Natalie Gonnella-Platts serves as the Deputy Director of the Women’s Initiative at the George W. Bush Institute. Natalie talks about her mother’s influence on her success. Natalie is extremely knowledge in her field Additionally, she is the host of the Bush Institute’s award nominated podcast, Ladies, First; the co-author of a first-of-its kind analysis on global first ladies, A Role Without a Rulebook; and served as a project lead on the development of the Bush Institute’s 2018 special exhibit, First Ladies: Style of Influence. You can find Natalie on social media @yankeebean.

Ep 18: Beth Willis Shares Stories of Grace and Missions in Ghana

This podcast is with Rachael’s mission friend Beth Willis. Beth has a different definition of what success looks like. While most look forward to the comforts of retirement, Beth felt called to do more with her life. She shares her passions and experience in the mission field of Ghana. She also shares with us how we can help contribute to the work she is doing. 

Show notes:

If you’d like to know more about the work Beth is doing or contribute find more find more information here:

Ep 17: Chasta, Broadcaster and TV Host, talks Rock Music, Adventure, and How She Ended Up In Radio

You can catch Chasta every day rockin’ the airwaves with “Lamont and Tonelli” and holding down mid-days on 107.7 The Bone, reporting on KGO 810 in San Francisco, Hosting Soundwaves TV and hosting  “The Can Do Divas” and “The Second Shift” Podcasts.

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Ep 16: Rachel Chang talks risk-taking, credibility, and LinkedIn fame.

Dallas-loving entrepreneur, Rachel Chang, walked away from a dream architecture career to chase her dreams – even though she wasn’t sure exactly what that was.

Rachel shares her story of risk-taking from jumping into entrepreneurship to leveraging her LinkedIn influence. Rachel leaves listeners with the challenge to be #credibleofflinebeforeonline. 

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Women Serving On Boards

This morning while reading through my daily dose of eNewsletters I came across this article about California requiring women on Boards of Directors.  I would like to know how my readers feel about a law requiring publicly traded companies to include women on their boards of directors.  The measure requires at least one female director on the board of each California-based public corporation by the end of 2019.

A fourth of publicly held corporations with headquarters in California don’t have any women on their boards of directors. These companies have not done enough to increase the number of women on their boards despite the Legislature’s urging, making government intervention necessary, Jackson said

I have been researching the topic since I started writing my book, and I have been experiencing this for decades.  I am seeing some change where I live locally, and while you would like to think it happens organically to place women on the boards – it does not.  It is most often mandated, whether officially or unofficially, to change the demographics of the board.

Some of the repetition (same ole’ white guys) is simply because that is who their natural network is both professionally and personally.  Some times it is fear of change or opposing views assumed by anyone NOT in your inner circle.  But the truth is that change on boards will result in changes in practice and direction and men have had decades to figure out how to do it differently and they HAVE NOT figured it out so now the law must intervene, if even only for a short time period.

There will be wins and their will be woes, but I believe this unnecessary law (because we should be able to figure this out as smart people running major public corporations) is a good thing.  I believe it is needed at this time and place, when equal candidates are available and ready to serve on these boards.  I am open to hear your opinion for or against, but I believe this is good.  I give the #win2California  #MoreWomenInHighPlaces

Ep 15 The Attorney That Cares, Jennifer Jackson, Joins Rachael to Talk About Balancing Motherhood, Billable Hours and Defining Yourself

Jennifer Jackson and I ran track together in college and now she and her husband raise three beautiful, athletic children while both pursuing professional careers.  Jennifer tackles social injustices through her career as an attorney and through the mission field.  She will encourage you to define your version of success.


Show notes:

Jennifer Jackson is an attorney who cares — about her clients and her community. Her professional and personal philosophy includes giving back in ways that make a meaningful difference to the local and global communities. Jennifer is a firm believer in Gandhi’s idea of “being the change you want to see in the world.” Being a mom of three provides critical time management and conflict resolution skills that prove invaluable in and meeting the needs of clients. Experienced in workers’ compensation, products liability, employment and trucking, Jennifer evaluates the case in order to provide early and efficient resolution. But litigation is not the only concern for clients so she provides a holistic approach with care and attention combined with loads of experience and knowledge. When not devoting her time to the practice of law since 2002 she is helping various non-profits offer free legal services to the underprivileged, rescue women and children from trafficking and connect kids with mentors to help keep them off of drugs and out of gangs.

Ep 14: Rachael Talks Triathlon Training and Challenges Us All To Try Something New

Rachael is in the midst of trying something new and terrifying.  She will share all the emotions of trying something new and inspire you to create your best life by taking on challenges that even YOU don’t know if you can do.

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