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Women can achieve success, be powerful, and take pride in their accomplishments. Women can be successful inside and outside the home.

Yes, yes we can.

We can achieve success in ways unlike any other generation, and we can do so without apology.

This book offers:

• Personal triumphs, career highs and lows, as well as anecdotes inspired by her humorous Oklahoman/New Yorker perspective

• An insider’s glimpse into her life, guiding a more insightful recognition of women’s individual, deeply ingrained apologetic tendencies

• Detailed inspiration that pushed her to achieve professional, personal and financial success after a very painful divorce through her motivating wisdom and #SassyHashtags you will realize how apologetic behavior can be detrimental to the respect you deserve, the advancement you earned, and the life you want to live.

The Ten Commandments of #SuccessWithoutApology—by a leader—for leaders, written by a woman who simply wants equality, and will not apologize for attaining it HER way.


“Rachael, thank you for telling us not to apologize. You were the first to tell me so, and I now realize that my tendency to apologize is heavily linked to my ongoing struggle with building self-confidence. I was never given the advice to stop over-apologizing and it amazes me to think that such a seemingly small act, “sorry I didn’t do xyz,” can snowball into a self-imposed barrier that no man has had to break.” 

“When you introduced your ‘unconventional career path,’ you gave me hope to take charge and be the boss of my life. . . you made me realize that if we love something enough, we all have the power to make it happen. . . I will remember your words, ‘. . . and I loved every minute of it,’ to remind myself of where my priorities lie, how I chose them, and what joy they bring for all the effort I put in. Your words changed my mindset, which in turn changes the whole game. We make the rules, right?”


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