A Rising Tide Is Not Just For Yachts

The first time I ever heard the statement, “a rising tide lifts all boats,” was when I was attending a small town Chamber of Commerce dinner in which Miranda Lambert was being recognized and honored.  Miranda, a couple years prior, had opened her own retail boutique named, The Pink Pistol.  She wanted to have a store near where she was living, so she invested in a building in the barren, small downtown of Tishomingo, Oklahoma. (population 3,034)

The Pink Pistol set up shop in Tishomingo and over the next twelve months, other boutiques opened next to it. Due to Miranda’s celebrity status and the Pink Pistol’s unique gift shopping experience, other businesses wanted to simply open on the same street to experience the overflow of shoppers and people coming from all over the country for a chance to see Miranda Lambert in person.

As knowledge of Miranda’s business spread, so did the opportunities for other businesses on the main street.  The city was very grateful for the economic impact The Pink Pistol was having on their small town.  In appreciation, the local Chamber of Commerce recognized Miranda and her contributions at their annual banquet.  I was in attendance that night, as my Mom lives there.  Ironically, this was the first time I had heard the saying, “a rising tide lifts all boats.”  The Chamber President, when introducing Miranda and acknowledging her contributions, stated that her business was the high tide raising all the other businesses around her.

I find it ironic that my first exposure to the saying was by a regional Chamber President, as it was a a regional Chamber of Commerce, The New England Council, credited for first using this slogan back in the 60’s.  According to Wikipedia, John F. Kennedy used the slogan in a 1963 speech and many people credit him for it, but his speech writer later attributes it to the New England Council.  #CreativityInTheChamber #GivingCreditWhereCreditIsDue

Have you ever been a part of a rising tide?  Were you the rising tide for others or did you ride the tide of some other great idea or movement?  There are times in life when you can see the rising tide.  In my book, I spend a chapter discussing when to pivot or change directions.  Great and successful entrepreneurs recognize when the tide changes, or it begins to rise and they get in the boat quickly.

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It is summertime now and many of you will spend time laying by a beach watching the tide.  This summer, reflect on that tide, think about your surroundings at home.  Is there a tide changing in your life or your business?  Do you need to invest in a business or an idea that is on the rise?  Do you need to pivot and change your model to stay afloat?  These are great mid-year reflections to make.  It is the mid-way point for another year of your life, are you investing in a rising tide?

This year I am riding the tide as it raises to new heights and I look forward to those around me also being lifted up. I believe the rising tide should be for all of our boats, not just the yachts.

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