Successful Women, Young Girls Need to See You

Successful Women, Young Girls Need to See You

In the research I did for my book, I interviewed my friend Teresa.  One statement she made to me was that the best way to be an example to other women is to actually enjoy your success and allow others to see that you do so.  For example, love your success, love your work and love your responsibility. There is no greater motivation than seeing others enjoy doing what we think we may want to do one day.

And now lets take her approach and suggestion to the world of politics.  In the recent midterm election over 100 women were elected to Congress!  And we say them celebrate and laugh and enjoy this all-time, historic high for women.

Women of all ages, races, and backgrounds decided that enough was enough, and that 19.3% of U.S. House of Representatives being female was not enough—so they ran for office to upset the good ole boy apple cart. They ran hard, and they ran well, and over a hundred of those brave and courageous women won seats at the table. #SpeakofLeanIn

Many of the wins were historic, and all of those wins will play an important role in the minds of young girls all across the United States for generations to come. Take, for example:

  • Veronica Escobar, the first Latina congress-woman from Texas who ran with her young daughter in mind
  • Ilhan Omar, the first Muslim woman in congress, who grew up in a Somali refugee camp and hopes her victory will give hope to those who’s childhoods resembled hers
  • Ayanna Pressley, the first Black congress-woman from Massachussetts who expressed her desire to lead differently
  • Sharice Davids, the first Native American woman in congress, who wants little Native American boys and girls to see what they can be
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the youngest women to have ever been elected to congress, who ran on the idea that women like her, from middle-class families, aren’t supposed to run for office—but she did.

The list of historic wins for women goes on and on as the glass ceiling of Capitol Hill begins to crack a little bit more, and the future for young girls become a little brighter.

All of these historic wins for women are also historic wins for the young girls who dream of being President someday; historic wins for young women who wish to be #girlbosses; and historic wins for girls all around the world who want to be successful in the workforce, and not apologize for it.

When young girls see and hear stories of successful women, they see a picture of what could be—what they could be.  They see new dreams within reach.

So, my successful friends, smile, laugh, love, and keep pursuing your version of success. Do so in a way that demonstrates how much you enjoy success in YOUR way, the #girlboss way.  Ladies, don’t hide that you are respected, esteemed, and recognized for your success for young ladies are watching you. They are taking cues from how you handle your success. Women everywhere, young and old, are watching you and your success. Whether President of the United States, President of your company, or your home – you are a #girlboss and you love your role of leadership and success.

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