Excuses Are No Excuse

How many New Year’s resolutions of 2018 included big dreams, tough decisions or significant investments in a future career or life change. Then how many times this year did you tell yourself the timing wasn’t right, or the finances weren’t stable enough, or the circumstances just weren’t right? Did you tell yourself these things enough times to prevent you from fulfilling those resolutions?

Well girl, the timing, and the finances, and the circumstances are never going to be right. They weren’t right when I bought my first small business OR when I made the decision to take one year off work to write my book. You will always have an excuse to not take the leap, or NOT open the business, or not lose the weight.  Have you used these excuses yet?

  • Too busy to set aside an hour and write
  • Just a few sweets since it is her birthday, anniversary, party, etc
  • Never owned a business before
  • I am only meant to be second in charge
  • I am too tired to workout

Yes, I have used them all!  And to change my future, I had to adjust my day to day to stop making excuses! If I continue to use the excuses, and you continue to allow the excuses to determine your future, we’ll never move forward in becoming the next version of ourselves – the one that comes closer and closer to our best self!

Together, we wrap up another year, and we have the opportunity to reflect, to forget about all of the past holding us back.  You can stop telling yourself you aren’t experienced enough or confident enough to apply for the job you’ve always dreamed of, and start building the network that you need to thrive in the environment you desire to succeed in.

You can stop making excuses, start making a plan, and set out to achieve your dreams, not tomorrow, or next week, or next year, today.  If you are looking for accountability, use our network here on SuccessWithoutApology.  We want to encourage you.

Begin taking steps towards your success; find a business partner, join a gym, apply for the job, and stop holding yourself back. For there is no better time to start working towards your dreams than right now.  I am cheering for you – and I am cheering for your dreams, goals, and better life.  Here is to 2019!

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