S1 E3 Leaned In Renee Clemmons

Renee Clemmons served in the United States Air Force, has raised six children and now says she is in the pinnacle of her career at Project Safe.

In this podcast she credits other great women like Fran Topping, Misty Smith, and Kathy Laster and she shares the one lesson she has learned that everyone should remember and know.

Renee is a great women leader in our community and a part of the Empowered Women Empower Women small group. You will be glad you know more about her.

If you need Project Safe you can find them in all the following ways:


Roots: The Saga of an American Family: https://www.amazon.com/Roots-American-Family-Alex-Haley/dp/030682485X


Bike & Brew:

Bike & Brew


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