Rachael Melot speaks to organizations and groups about the programs and policies that unintentionally prohibit or hinder the advancement of women to the executive level jobs. She uses her experiences running companies, organizations and not for profits coupled wit her personal successes and failures to tell great stories that teach lessons while keeping audiences entertained.

You can count on Rachael to leave you motivated to create cultures with boundaries, policies, and support that promote the success and health of both women and men in high stress environments.

Rachael’s experience in the high profile position of an NCAA women’s basketball referee, while running multiple companies, and influencing local community policy provides real-life theory-in-practice situations lined with humor to guide individuals and companies to realize their greater potential.

Recognized for her female entrepreneurship, she was asked to serve as one of 12 women in the Bush Institute’s Women’s Initiative Fellowship program in 2014-15.

Rachael is the author of the website  www.SuccessWithoutApology.com, which expands on content from her book, The Ten Commandments of #SuccessWithoutApology. She also holds a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and can be booked for your next retreat, keynote, or training. Inquire or request a booking here.